Class Types

At PhysioWISE we strongly believe in self management and regaining control of your body after injury, surgery or just for a sense of wellbeing.

We offer a wide range of classes suited to all ages, all types of bodies and conditions.

slideshow-physio3Before attending any of our BackWISE or Pilates classes, we require all NEW clients to organise a personal session with a PhysioWISE consultant to assess your body and its limitations and also to learn correct techniques. Your consultant will then advise you as to the most appropriate class and level for your ability

If you want to attend a particular class that is not at your level, you may organise a personal session with a PhysioWISE consultant to learn correct techniques to “catch up” to your preferred class.

BackWISE Level 1

These classes focus on the fundamentals of exercise and technique, providing a basis for the progression of exercises in a class environment. Gain a fundamental understanding of how your back works and how you can modify any exercise into a back friendly workout. Classes also show you how to make everyday activities back friendly and posture perfect.

BackWISE Level 2 / Introduction to Pilates

With an understanding of the Essentials, mat work exercises are progressed safely with a continued emphasis on education, appropriate stretching and core stability. Building on the principles of safe exercise, participants gain an understanding of which exercises are most appropriate for their individual needs. Specialised equipment is introduced to further challenge the body for more dynamic back movements.

PilatesWISE  Gentle / Intermediate

A progression of BackWISE involving mat work exercises based on correct breathing, good posture and intense concentration. Exercises build progressively and movements are executed with control and precision with an emphasis on form rather than just strength and repetition.

PilatesWISE Intermediate
 / Advanced

Gently stretch your body and improve your core stability whilst targeting posture, balance and proprioception through a series of exercises incorporating elements of both Pilates and Yoga. An emphasis on correct form and control continues with the use of specialised equipment to further challenge and progress the body’s abilities.


Pre and post natal classes for mums and babies in the studio are specifically designed to target abdominal separation and pelvic floor control, as well as general strengthening.

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