Thuy Bridges presents at FILEX 2018

Thuy Bridges presents at FILEX 2018

For 30 years, the epicentre of the Australian fitness industry has been the FILEX fitness convention. FILEX is an annual fitness conference, powered by Fitness Australia, which is held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

FILEX caters to the educational and networking needs of fitness professionals and fitness business owners and managers, by providing hundreds of educational sessions, which are delivered over three days.

FILEX is an annual opportunity for those who work in the fitness industry to learn from the world’s leading experts and operators in areas such as personal training, exercise science, nutrition, physiotherapy, sales and business, special populations, group fitness, sports and strength conditioning, yoga and mind body, and lots more!

Time: 2:45-4pm Sunday 22nd April

Is It Really A Back Problem? Tools To Identify The Real Issue

Thuy Bridges

Is back pain really a back problem, or is it actually coming from somewhere else? In this jam-packed session you͛ll learn how problems can be referred from other parts of the body, and what this means for training prescription. You͛ll explore muscle and functional testing procedures for common back pain symptoms; how to recognise symptoms and back pain that͛s coming from other parts of the body; how to interpret test results; the most effective exercises including movements to avoid; the implications on training; and more!