Why do our patients recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues?

“Physiowise Classes……
As someone with chronic lower back pain, I have found the introductory 10 week program most helpful in developing awareness of my own physiology and ways to self–correct posture and prevent potential further injury.
The refinement of core control and suggestions on how to integrate simple, effective exercises into every day life was particularly helpful. Whilst my discomfort still remains, I have a greater consciousness of my problem areas and now have more confidence in how to manage these myself.
The course itself was systematic and with individualised attention, it was possible to master the correct techniques. Our physiotherapist instructor was particularly supportive and encouraging. I have signed up for the next level to reinforce this excellent program.”
Ann L.

“I have been visiting Thuy for over 14 years, she is an experienced professional with a friendly and positive outlook. I’ve tried many physiotherapists over the years but Thuy is the best. Her technique, strength, application, theory and practice are unmatched. I always look forward to my next treatment with Thuy I would recommend her to anyone who requires treatment.” Paul T.

“…pleasant and intuitive, responsible, always informed and updated on new technologies.” Len C.

“My Physio listened very well to the problems I had allowing her to make good decisions on how to treat me and she has the perfect mix of professionalism and personality and puts you completely at ease whilst getting to the root of the problem. I have also taken her advice and now attend the Pilates classes she recommened to help me for long term relief.” Julie D.

“Personalised, professional service and care; the PhysioWISE staff are always welcoming and happy to take the extra time to listen and investigate the best treatment.” Jillian G.

“Physiowise has given me the skills to manage my injuries and be the best that I can be.” Kate C.

“All of the staff at PhysioWISE are absolutely wonderful! PhysioWISE have helped me pre and post an ACL reconstruction, their endless knowledge makes for an easy and fun consultation every time! The incredible progress and results speak for themselves!” Isabeau P.

“..I’m an elite figure skater and before my National Championships I pulled a ligament in my upper thigh and could hardly walk. I was almost considering pulling out but after 2-3 weeks of physiotherapy with PhysioWISE’s professional and very friendly staff, I was able to compete. They gave me exercises to do at home and throughout the competition as well as instruction on how to tape my injury to ensure I didn’t feel pain while I competed, and also a speedy recovery. I was so happy with all the help I was given at PhysioWISE!” Karina C.

“I suffered back pain from a motorcycle accident. To begin with it was just a niggle. Over the next few weeks this got worse to a stage where I couldn’t walk for more than 20 metres without my leg seizing up. The leg was also suffering from spasms and loss of feeling. I went to see a physio at PhysioWISE. the relief after that first session was fantastic. It did revert back to pain but over the next few sessions the pain progressively went. My physio was able to give me exercises to perform throughout the program. Over a matter of weeks, I got ack to normal. This was a combination of massages, spending time on the traction unit and performing the relevant exercises. It was well worth the effort to visit PhysioWISe. Thanks.” Geoff O.

“PhysioWISE staff were always friendly, caring and professional. I always felt like I was in very good hands.” Alice N.

“After a car accident, I had to receive treatment for my whiplash injuries (boo). Luckily I was referred to PhysioWISE at Macquarie, who helped me get back up in no time (yay).” Ilse C.

“The physio analysed my problem carefully and followed up with effective treatment and advice. His patient approach has resulted in a very pleasing, pain free outcome.” Deryl M.