Our PhysioWISE Team



Headshot Thuy BridgesThuy (Twee) Bridges – Senior Physiotherapist & Director

Thuy founded PhysioWISE in 2002 after identifying the need for a physiotherapy practice which could utilise the latest health care techniques from around the world and incorporate them into a clinical setting to help her clients reach their optimum health level in the shortest time possible.

Beyond her qualification as a Physiotherapist, Thuy is a certified trainer of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi and is trained in acupuncture and dry needling for Myofascial pain along with a range of Osteopathic techniques.

As a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor and Anatomy Trains Associate Teacher, Thuy teaches courses to other physiotherapists in Australia and internationally.

Thuy has undertaken postgraduate University study in Diagnostic Ultrasound retraining for low back pain, pelvic floor and incontinence. She has also been involved with University research in this area and is a clinical supervisor of final year students from the University of Sydney and Macquarie University.


headshot-rebeccaRebecca Cachia – Physiotherapist

After graduating from a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, Rebecca embarked upon private practice with gusto. Like all of our Physios, Rebecca searches for the root cause of pain by assessing and treating the underlying “drivers” as well as the injury or issue at hand. Rebecca’s bubbly, chatty personality complements the physical therapy she provides through manual releases, Kinesio taping and education.

As a competitive touch football player, Rebecca understands first hand the demands that a beloved sport can have on the body. She balances this active part of her time with cooking and gardening.


Sally profile photoSally Ngai – Physiotherapist

With a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Sydney University, Sally has a passion for musculo-skeletal private practice.  Along with teaching Pilates classes at our Macquarie Clinic, she provides personalised education for each of her patients.

She enjoys doing volunteer work in her spare time. She has worked with the Country Women Association, the Cancer Council and as a volunteer Physiotherapist in Vietnam. She also actively participates in basketball and swimming.


Anne Duong – Physiotherapist

Anne, while currently working at St. George’s Hospital, joins the PhysioWISE team on weekends. She is able to adapt her knowledge and experience of a hospital setting to a private setting as swiftly as an eagle. Helping people and keeping people entertained are a couple of her main motives in everyday life, and she definitely carries this into the clinic.

In her free time, she enjoys everything nature has to offer, from hiking, to camping and exploring.


LeenaLeena Chan – Physiotherapist (On maternity leave)

Leena’s experience as a Physiotherapist is extensive as is her continuing education. Working as a Senior Physiotherapist in a hospital, she joins the PhysioWISE team on her weekends to stay up to speed on the latest research and methods of treatment in a private practice setting. Leena has been with PhysioWISE for over 9 years and enjoys the variety of working in a hospital and private practice.



Admin and Support Staff


Stephanie Denner – Support Staff




Headshot-JulieJulie Bennett – Support Staff

Julie divides her time between traveling the world, looking after her family and working at the Oatlands clinic. She was a dedicated patient for almost a decade before joining the team and still enjoys attending a Pilates class after her week of work is done.



Niamh Keeley – Support Staff




headshot-clint-bridgesClint Bridges – Practice Manager

As a successful Project Manager in his former life, Clint brings to his role as Business & Practice Manager expertise in communication, organisation and efficiency. As a keen outdoor sports enthusiast he understands the battering taken by the body with such pursuits and keeps the PhysioWISE team aware of, and in touch with, the needs of the “weekend warrior”.