Complex Cases

Are you wondering if you have a chronic or complex condition?

Do you find yourself saying any of these 5 statements?

“I wish the Physio could treat all my aches and pains”

“I’ve had one problem after another, for years”

“I just don’t move as well after that injury, from ages ago”

“Does this one problem relate to any of the others?”

“I’ve had all sorts of different treatments, but I’m just not getting where I want to be”


Have you been frustrated and searching for answers for 7 months.. 6 years.. decades? 

That’s why someone told you about us. PhysioWISE.

Whoever it was, friend, family or doctor, they obviously care about your well being. So do we.

Our standard consults are up to 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to treat a straight forward injury or niggle.

But 1 hour long consults give our Physiotherapists time to identify and treat the common, and not so common problems, in your body.

We need the extra time so you get more relief and answers.


Here are 4 recent cases:

  • digestive problems causing  back pain and stiff movement
  • a foot problem aggravating a shoulder
  • twisting  in the neck causing dizziness and headaches
  • a foot and neck injury causing tension and pain in the mid back


So, what can I expect? You ask.

Our therapists will:

  • Conduct a thorough initial assessment
  • Identify factors contributing to your condition
  • Identify factors impeding your recovery
  • Determine which areas need treatment
  • Determine which areas need retraining
  • Use a wide range of effective techniques to treat your symptoms and underlying causes
  • Educate you on how to help yourself
  • Refer you to appropriate specialists, if needed

This is all the obvious stuff.


What is not so obvious is your Physio has the support of a large network.

Our therapists:

  • collaborate with several universities on research, including chronic pain
  • teach students at universities and TAFES across Australia
  • provide training to medical professionals across the Asia Pacific
  • write and collaborate on text books for students and medical professionals
  • present at international conferences and symposiums
  • regularly attend further education courses across the globe
  • are active with local sporting teams – rugby, soccer, ice hockey
  • are the preferred Physios for AIS Combat Sports and Rugby CC7’s

It’s time to feel better and move better.

When you’re ready, call 02 9888 7002 to arrange your one hour appointment with PhysioWISE.