How it began

The year was 2002, the place was an ordinary house in an ordinary suburb of Sydney. The people who were meeting inside that house were…. well relatively ordinary too. But the ideas that were being tossed around certainly weren’t.

slideshow-physio5Thuy Bridges had decided that the treatment of clients with muscular or skeletal problems needed to extend beyond “a massage, a hot pack and a good lie down”. The treatment techniques also needed to extend beyond what is offered through the traditional university courses (good though they are)

What followed was the decision that a new physiotherapy practice was required and that it should be based on the fact that there are a wide range of treatment modalities out there in the world and that a good physiotherapist should have as many of these techniques as possible at his or her disposal when assessing the needs of a client.


The PhysioWISE Philosophy

And so PhysioWISE was born – with the following principles which have remained the key elements in managing our clients’ needs.

1. Latest Technique

A PhysioWISE therapist keeps up to date with the latest techniques from around the world. They also work on modifications that improve and expand on what they have learnt from elsewhere. Whether it be the advanced levels of the Kinesio Taping Method, the use of acupuncture or even the fact that we have a full set of Pilates Studio equipment in each practice, you’ll know that your PhysioWISE therapist will have an arsenal of complimentary techniques to make use of when diagnosing and fixing whatever ails you.

2. Combine “quick fixes” with long term relief

It’s no good to aim for long term relief from pain if you can’t do the necessary excercises because it is so painful. It’s also no good to have a quick fix without having a long term solution. The methods at PhysioWISE have been developed with both short and long term objectives in mind – something our clients to date have certainly appreciated!

3. Self Management

A client should be provided with tools (advice and/or physical aids) to manage their condition as independantly as possible.

4. The client’s time is precious

We know you have busy lives and you don’t want to spend all of your time (and money) at the physiotherapist. That’s why we don’t want to keep booking you in time after time, doing the same thing over and over again. We see no value in seeing someone 2-3 times per week for months on end. Which is one of the reasons that the PhysioWISE philosophy was developed!

5. Everyone has their own goal in life

The best way to illustrate this element of the PhysioWISE philosophy is by way of an example;

Two people come into the clinic with exactly the same injury to their calf….

Person 1 is an elite athlete who has a grand final this weekend and then a lengthy off-season.

Person 2 is an office worker who plays sport on weekends and is feeling really uncomfortable with the new injury.

At PhysioWISE, we recognise that the “best” solution for these two people may in fact be two different things. On the one hand the office worker wants to get fully better as quickly as possible and doesn’t mind missing out on the weekend sport. On the other, the elite athlete in this case wanted to play in the grand final, despite the fact that it may make the injury worse, and then use the off-season for the extra recovery time that was needed.

Two identical injuries…. two different treatment methods…. two very satisfied clients.
At PhysioWISE, your therapist will give you your options – but they will also listen to your needs. Because everyone has a different goal in life.