Fees and Charges

You may be eligible for private health fund rebates for:

  • Physiotherapy Consultations
  • Pilates Studio sessions
  • Classes run by PhysioWISE

Please check with your fund as they all have different rules!

All fees listed below include GST or are GST-free. Fees below apply from 4th September 2017

Call 02 9888 7002 to book a consultation.



$   83 – Initial Consultation 1/2 hour
$   83 – Subsequent Consultations 1/2 hour
$   98 – Senior Physio Consultation 1/2 hour
$   83 – Diagnostic Ultrasound (additional to treatment fee)

$ 166 – 1 hour consultation (complex conditions, 2 or more body parts)
$ 196 – 1 hour consultation Senior Physio (complex conditions, 2 or more body parts)

– A cancellation fee of up to 50% will apply where bookings are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice and the time-slot is unable to be re-booked.
– All sessions are by appointment only.
– Payment is required at the time of the treatment session. This applies to all clients including those covered by Workers’ Compensation (before a claim number can be verbally confirmed by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company), CTP insurance and sports insurance. Receipts are provided if requested so as to allow the client to claim any monies back from a valid health insurance claim.


Pilates Studio
 Private Session

Just you and the Pilates Instructor.

$    166 – Casual 1 hour session
$    780 – 5 pack of 1 hour sessions (prepaid & consecutive weeks)

Pilates Studio 

Duet Session

Grab a friend with a similar skill level and split the cost so you each pay for 30 minutes but attend a 1 hour session.

$    83 – Casual 1 hour session each
$   390 – 5 pack of 1 hour sessions each (prepaid & consecutive weeks)

-All sessions are by appointment only.
-5 pack sessions must be pre-paid and booked on consecutive weeks.
-There are no refunds for cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice.
-There are no refunds for unused sessions.


Classes (BackWISE, PilatesWISE, WISEmums)

Before you start
$   83.00 – 1/2 hour compulsory private assessment prior to undertaking your first class at PhysioWISE
$   27.50 – Course Manual for BackWISE / Pilates (optional, but recommended) (incl GST)

First term of classes

$   40.00 – Casual class
$ 270.00 – 9 week term (equivalent to $30 per class)

Subsequent terms (we reward your comittment and dedication!)

$   30.00 – Casual class
$ 180.00 – 9 week term (equivalent to $20 per class) Notes:
- Payment for the term is made in advance.

– There are no refunds for classes that are not attended during the term.
– There are no refunds once term has started.